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Did you get anybooks for your birthday? :)

I didn’t get any but my mum said two days before my birthday that what she had ordered me hadn’t arrived yet and she spoke about being in the shop picking the radley purse she got me so fingers crossed for the barnes & noble limited edition of the book thief as that is the only thing i actually asked for :)

however i got money with it being my 21st so i did treat myself and buy wintergirls by laurie halse anderson, sharp objects by gillian flynn, omens by kelley armstrong and the complete tales and poems by edgar allen poe (the leather bound edition). wheeeee! 

Birth Control by Hailey Lamb on Flickr.

IMG_9586 by RonniShae on Flickr.

02650014 by Camilla Soares on Flickr.

Happy Birthday!!! I hope that this year has treated you splendidly and that you have a fabulous day today. Xx E

Thank you so much lovely. It was a wonderful day indeed

Happy Birthday!!!

thank you c:

.0887 by hildagrahnat on Flickr.

Happy birthday, my dear!

Thank you cutie <333

Happy birthday lovely! I hope it's filled with cake and books! :)

thank you so much, mhmmm a little too much cake if thats possible :)

happy birthday!

thank you again :D i cant believe you sent it to both blogs <3